Sunday, January 29, 2006

My First Ozone Air Purifier

The ozone air purifier market is confusing at best. Try googling "ozone air purifiers" and you will see what I mean. Many claim that ozone in the air will harm you, but again Randy and the "Flood Your Body..." book were telling me different. Randy claimed he had used ozone air purifiers for years and that they were really amazing. After further research I found one being used in our local bar. As well, my parents were using one to keep the pet smell under control. I found a lot of junky looking units, a few that were sold via Multi-Level Marketing(eek!), and many sites claiming that their air purifiers were "ozone free".

What a crock, right? To much information to sift through and proof that the internet can fail us via confusion. I decided to go with Randy's word and he suggested ARAN Aqua's Aranizers. He claimed they were the "top of the line ozone air purifiers", with no moving parts, no replacement filters, and very low energy use. If they were so great why hadn't I found them in my online search?

Well, apparently Aran doesn't advertise that their air purifier's generate ozone. They think of ozone as O3 and supposedly ARANIZER only generates longer chains of singlet oxygen (ie. O5 and up.) You won't even find the word ozone on the how the product works page, but clearly it is the EXACT SAME THING as OZONE!

Regardless I decided on an Aranizer NS-6 that I purchased online for a good discount with free shipping from Aranistic Air.


We have had the unit for 3 months now and I can safely say that the FDA air purifier warning is pretty much untrue. My family has found that the Aranizer does provide incredible decrease in odors at safe levels. It is truly amazing what it has done to the air in our home. Also, none of us have had any of the supposed breathing issues associated with ozone. This is not because I believe that ozone GAS at higher concentrations is completely safe, but I attribute our health to us using a safe amount for the room size along with good air ventilation.

So, if you are looking for an amazing air purifer try the Aranizer as it crushes odors and kills germs.

Friday, January 27, 2006

My First Ozone Machine

After weeks of research and Randy's consultation. I decided to buy a "counter-top" ozone machine. Which is basically a weaker ozone generator that is mainly used for water purification. After discussing it with Randy he suggested I purchase an Enaly OZX-300U

We both agreed that it would be a good starting point for my ozone exploration. It was relatively easy to purchase and extremely inexpensive. As they are sold brand new on ebay for around $40 to $60 depending on if you get the Air Dryer or not.

The unit arrived quickly and I was excited to start experimenting with ozone and water!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

ABS News Ozone Video

I found this awesome ABC News Clip on ozone and its relatively recent FDA approval for use in the cleaning of food. Here is the FDA Amendment for allowing the use of ozone as a food additive.

My Ozone Therapy Plan

I read "Flood Your Body with Oxygen" by Ed Mccabe and was throughly convinced that this was something I had to try. With advocates on both sides I thought if I tried oxygen therapy for myself I would certainly know whether or not the healing therapies were fact or fiction. I came up with my own "moderate" oxygen therapy plan with the two end goals in mine:

1 - To not become ill at any point for the duration of the therapy (no flu or cold as well)
2 - After using ozone therapy for an entire year I am hoping to see an improvement in my severe reactions to airborne allergens (cat dander, dust, pollen, mold).

My plan to achieve these goals is as follows:

1 - Eat ZERO foods that contain Trans Fats (the book argues that Trans Fats are toxic)
2 - Cut out drinking coffee and soda completely. (I would regularly drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day)
3 - No more candy. (another daily ritual for me at work)
4 - Drink 10 to 15 glasses of water a day.
5 - Drink at least 3 glasses of ozonated water a day.
6 - Practice deep breathing whenever walking to work and back.
7 - Take Oxymune supplement three times a day.
8 - Take ozone baths one or two times a week.
9 - Purchase an ozone air purifier and to use in my home.

Obiviously, I would need some sort of ozone generator for water ozonation.
As well as an ozone air purifier.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ozone Research: Conflicts

Upon returning home I did some casual google searches for ozone therapy on the internet. I found all sorts of information, but nothing consistent. The discussions were always different, the information, very rarely the same, and some people were clearly stating that ozone was harmful.

The two most troubling reports I discovered were: EPA Report on the Health Consequences of Ozone and a Quackwatch Article on Ozone Therapy. The EPA report had a strong impact considering it was straight from the government.

I also found a few articles in support of ozone as well: article by Majid Ali, MD, Ozone Stimulation, Basil Wainwright Interview, and a Gary Null article "Ozone: A Wide-Spectrum Healer".

All of these discussions were in the context of the use of ozone for the treatment of major diseases: AIDS, Cancer, Sickle Cell Anemia, etc. I didn't have any of those problems. I wasn't finding much information about regular healthy people proactively using ozone to prevent illness. I also didn't see any plain speak on how ozone interacts with the body. Many of the ways that Randy (see previous post) was using ozone weren't mentioned anywhere.

I asked, Randy, for advice after explaining my findings. He said the American government didn't want people to know about ozone therapies, because widespread usage would hurt pharmaceutical companies. I answered, "but if it works why wouldn't they try and sell it?" Randy said "Ozone must be created on site, because it is unstable and doesn't last very long. Also, you can't patent oxygen. It would be diffucult for them to make money off of it."

I was unconvinced that these theories could be completely true. It seemed too anti-government and it didn't make any sense in terms of helping the greater good. If ozone was so great surely people would use it and tell others. Randy, suggested that if I wanted to find out more to read "Flood Your Body with Oxygen" by Ed Mccabe, an apparent long-time ozone researcher/evangelist.

So I ordered a copy on Amazon and waited for it to arrive in the mail.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

How My Interest Was Peaked

A couple of months ago, on a business trip to California, I had the fortunate experience of staying with two of my Crystal Meth using friends, Donald & Randy. I, being drug free, did not partake in the experience, but was given a constant viewing of their ritual smoking. I questioned them about their health, neither seemed concerned. I also noticed they had an oxygen tank in the room. I asked what the tank was for and both responded that it was for Randy's ozone machine. "Oh? Does that put ozone back into the atmosphere?" I asked. Obviously, I was a bit clueless and had never heard of an ozone machine. "No" Donald explained, "Ozone is really fancinating, because it is one of those things that once you learn a little bit about it you keep wanting to find out more."

"Well what is ozone?"

"Ozone is triatomic oxygen. It is used to treat all types of diseases in other countries. You can't breath in pure ozone, but you can introduce it to the body in other ways." Randy proceeded to hook up the oxygen tank and turn on a black box that was mounted to a desk. The box said something like Colorado Spas. As the box started making noise Randy picked up one of the long clear hoses that was coming out of the box. An odd odor started to fill the room, it reminded me of something burning or electric. He put the hose into a empty bottle and after a minute asked me if I wanted to smell it. I, having a strong sense for my own well being, flinched and backed away. "You said that you couldn't breathe it in?"

During my visit Randy went on to explain that he was using ozone to detox his body from all the drugs he was using. Randy said he was drinking ozone water, taking ozone saunas, and giving himself ear and anal insuffilation regulary. Rashes and blisters on his ears and skin were, he claimed, his body ridding itself of the toxins through the use of ozone.

I really didn't know what to make of all of this at the time. I was fancinated and intrigued, mainly because I had never heard of ozone. He said doctors in Germany, Cuba, and Italy were using ozone to treat cancer, AIDS, sickle cell anemia, and other diseases. I remained a skeptic and decided to do some internet research on ozone once I returned home.